6 08, 2016

Youtube Video online!

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Finally it’s here – and as we all know that ‘good things take time to ripen’.

We just uploaded a nice 4-minute Video-clip showing  eLABin1 in action and giving a great overview about the features of our eLabin1.


The video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/user/CoffeeElectronics or https://youtu.be/AB1hxiAvvtw.

We plan to upload additional clips in a short-while.

6 05, 2016

Great News! Our New Prototype is ready!

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The long waiting time is over, and finally our new eLABin1 prototype is ready!

It’s the first prototype which includes all the boards and functions  in a single casing – a very sturdy aluminium casing!

We have been focusing on the 4 most important instruments: Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, RF-Generator and Arbitrary Wave Generator.


eLABin1 Prototype

Again it’s time for debugging, and tweaking to reach the expected performance – but things look much better than expected!!!


eLABin1 prototype debugging


Thank You! to all our engineers who did an outstanding job to get this prototype ready!

11 02, 2016

Our new Aluminium Casing

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While the electronics team is tweaking the boards for better and better performance, our mechanics team was working on a aluminium casing.

This casing for our upcoming new prototype is easy to assemble (and also disassemble!) and offers superior shielding – our RF-experts love it!



Slowly all bits and pieces are coming together, and soon the new prototype for our eLABin1 will be ready.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed …


8 11, 2015

New Boards have arrived – now it’s debugging time

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After long and careful design, several very detailed design-reviews, and of cause some time waiting for production and assembly, new boards for our eLAB1 have arrived.

Now it’s time for debugging, to ensure that all previous bugs are fixed, new features are working as planned.

Of cause, we are using our eLABin1 also as a debugging tool.  Which other equipment offers this amount of features?

new boards


Yes, there are a few new bugs we have found but luckily nothing serious!
More and more eLABin1 instruments and features are working as designed!

24 09, 2014

Exhibiting eLABin1 at TechInnovation2014

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Thanks to the Center of Innovation in Electronics (COIE)  Coffee Electronics was invited to  participate at TechInnovation2014 at Marina Bay Sands. With  more than 1500 delegates  from  12 countries  companies, institutes and universities presented their latest innovations in info-communications and electronics, materials and nanotechnology, health and personal care, as well as energy and environment.

It was the first public showcase of our eLABin1-device and was a truly unique and exciting experience.

CE at TechInnovation2014

We received a lot of valuable feedback which confirms our approach and will allow us to improve the functionality of our product.

Here some of the very motivating comments we heard:

  • “Value for Money”
  • “A xxxx killer” (with xxxx many of the big instrumentation brands)
  • “So many possibilities”
  • “When is it available, when can I have it ?”

It has been a very fruitful 2-day event for Coffee Electronics, and now fueled with an extra portion of motivation to speed up the tasks to make our product available to the market as soon as possible!


9 09, 2014

Collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) signed

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Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Centre of Innovation for Electronics (COIE) and Coffee Electronics signed a collaboration-agreement  on “Testing and Evaluation of Power System for A Measurement Platform”

This project will help us to speed up the development of our eLABin1-Measurement instrument.

22 07, 2014

3d-Model of new casing

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After several rounds of discussions and review,s the 3d-model for the upcoming new prototype for our eLABin1 is almost ready!

Looks great, do you agree?

New Casing 3d