Coffee Electronics Pte. Ltd.  is a Singapore based Company which develops and manufactures Innovative Software-defined Electronic Measurement Instruments and Environments for broad Spectrum of IoT Applications at Affordable Prices.


Coffee Electronics was founded by Dr. Claus Muschallik in 2012 with the Vision to revolutionize the Measurement Environment for everyone and everywhere by expressing Engineering Creativity. Coffee Electronics is a System Solution Company, providing Hardware, Software and related Services for a broad range of Internet of Things (IoT) Applications such as R&D and Measurement Environments, e-Learning Solutions or Control Center for Smart City / Home / Factory.

The Company’s Competencies are in the Fields of, but not limited to, Electronics, Signal Processing and Software Engineering such as RF/Analog/Digital Signals, Multimedia Processors, DSPs, FPGAs, Firmware, Android and OS, Linux, C/C++, Image Processing, Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Coffee Electronic’s eLABin1™ is a Piece of sophisticated electronic Hardware, enabled by a powerful Software Environment. It combines several Industry Class Test, Measurement and Control Instruments. The Software-defined Instruments are embedded in portable and affordable 15-inch Android Laptop and makes eLABin1™ well suited for all kinds of Measurements as well as Service and Verification of Electric and Electronic Systems. eLABin1™ is also the perfect Control Center for many IoT and Smart Applications.
Prototypes are available for Display and Trials and can be customized for dedicated Purpose due to its Flexible Architecture.

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