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Future Features of eLabin1™


Future versions of eLabin1™ will include several additional instruments. Some of these instruments require hardware-modifications and add-ons, other can be purely implemented by a firmware-upgrade.

Possible future features:

  • Logic-Analyzer
  • DC-Power Supply
  • Multimeter
  • Bit-Banger
  • TV-Generator
  • Instruments for HAM-Radio Amateurs
  • Network Analyzer
  • “Data logger” with 32 analog inputs and switchable channel filters
  • Controls for Smart Application

Logic Analyzer

eLabin1 Logic AnalyzereLabin1™ Logic Analyzer provides 24 / 48 channel, with timing or state mode and speeds from 100 to 500 Mbit/s. The logic analyzer can be used together with the oscilloscope function to allow monitoring the analog pulses of up to 4 lines and helping to identify the origin for glitches and errors in the digital signal. The included 32 Bit 100 Mbit/s digital Pattern generator can be simultaneously used as stimulus for your circuit.




DC Power Supply

eLabin1 DC Power Supply

A lab has often access to one high capacity DC-power supply which provides the necessary main voltage and current to the electronic units under analysis. Frequently the circuitry needs more than one voltage source. eLabin1™ DC-Power Supply integrates 4 voltage sources, 1 fixed and 4 adjustable, making possible in many cases to power up the circuits without the need of additional external power supplies. The individual voltages and currents can be recorded for the convenience and a better analysis of the test results.




eLabin1 Multimeter

eLabin1™ will include the father of all measurement instruments, the multimeter.
Intuitive interface using a different input stage than the spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope.





eLabin1 Bit Banger

eLabin1™ Bit Banger is ideal for generating digital test signals for your latest invention or development. It is able to generate single or more complex telegrams for I2C / SM bus, 3-wire and SPI bus. Write or read option while monitoring the signals with eLabin1™ Logic Analyzer.




TV Generator

eLabin1 TV Generator

This TV Generator option can be used for radio amateur transmissions or for teaching purposes. It is based on the old good analog systems NTSC / PAL / SECAM which are now phased out in most countries. A digital TV generator is being prepared.




Radio Amateur

We have prepared a bundle of applications targeting Radio Amateurs. Several transmission modes, starting from the wireless communication grandfather the Morse transmission, SSB, AM, FM, packet radio, PACTOR, AMTOR, etc will be offered. The modulated output need to be supplied to your own HAM power amplifier and antenna. We recommend monitoring your generated signal with our oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer before and while broadcasting it.

Mixed-Signal Analyzer, Network Analyzer & Vector Modulator

These features are in further design stage.


Please contact us for details, specific requests and requirements.