Spectrum_AnalyzerThe eLabin1™ Spectrum Analyzer combines the best from both analog and digital worlds. You can see the noise floor displayed in the way of analog instruments while monitoring the signal with the accuracy of digital processing. The spectrum will be updated real time, showing different intensity and shades according to its duration. Spurious signals buried in the noise can be easily detected, just like in the time of the good old analog spectrum analyzer.
Spectrum_Analyzer_waterfallThe eLabin1™ Spectrum Analyzer offers additionally the amazing graphic capabilities of high end instruments.
Spectrum Analysis is extended by the time dimension, introducing the real time ‘waterfall spectrogram’ of Coffee Electronics.
This feature is great to analyze and understand FM modulated signals among others. Choose your preferred false color mapping for better representation. All functions of the spectrum analyzer are available in this mode, different resolution and video bandwidths, filters, etc.
Spectrum_Analyzer_3DJust in case your brain got bored of analyzing signals in 2D, Coffee Electronics offers you the real-time 3D spectrum analyzer.
AM and FM modulated signals can be represented and analyzed the best in this mode. Watch your signal while rotating the graphic with your finger or mouse in all desired directions. Its amazing fast and smooth, you will not believe you can afford the instrument you have in front of you. All functions of the conventional spectrum analyzer are available as well.


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