eLABin1-OscilloscopeThe Oscilloscope function in the Coffee Electronics eLabin1™ is available with DSO analog bandwidths between 20 MHz to 450 MHz. It samples the signal with 500 MSPS per channel (2/4 channel operation) or 1 GSPS (1/2 channel operation). You have the choice between True 8 or 12 Bit resolution, which can be enhanced up to 16 Bit digitally. Having a AC/DC input @ 1MΩ/50Ω, it supports several analog and digital filters, a variety of trigger possibilities and analog-like display for easy recognition of noisy signals and glitches.

The graphical user interface displays an ergonomic and simple instrument offering all the capabilities of a 2 or 4 channel oscilloscope: 2ns/diV for the 100 MHz version, 1mV/diV sensitivity, full digital trigger with several trigger options, mathematic channel and a wide variety of markers and auto measurements. Be amazed by the quality of the real time display, with different trace brightness steps depending on the monitored signal.

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