The multipurpose “eLabin1™”  provides software-defined instrumentation, combining Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator, RF Generator  and other test & measurement instruments, is an affordable ‘All-in-One’- tool well suited for R&D, service and verification of electric and electronic systems.


eLabin1™ is a 15” laptop-size piece of sophisticated electronic hardware, enabled by a powerful software environment. The software and services are embedded in the hardware and complemented over the internet, which makes eLabin1™ highly configurable and programmable to fulfill a wide variety of test and measurement related tasks.
eLabin1™ targets a wide range of enterprises, educational institutions as well as engineers, scientists, professors, teachers, students and hobbyists working or interested in areas like electrics and electronics, IT, communications and others.
It aims to be a ‘must-have tool’ for our target customers, as necessary as PCs, smart-phones and measurement instruments are today.


First and foremost eLabin1™ is an extremely versatile ‘all in one’-measurement device incorporating several industry performance measurement instruments like Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Logic Analyzer as Signal- and RF-Generators and others. As Virtual Indtrumentation it can be completely configured by SW, new instruments, analyzers can be added via a simple Firmware upgrade. It’s very easy to configure the instruments, specify a sequence of tests, and even analyze the results on the fly.

eLABin1-all instruments

The performance, functionality and accuracy of eLabin1™ is comparable to ‘medium-class’ dedicated stand-alone devices suitable for the most common real world signals in the areas audio, video, biochemical sensors, cellular, TV, computer, etc. Various Hardware- and Firmware-options to tailor the performance and capabilities to customer needs are available.
The architecture of eLabin1™ allows switching between various instruments by reconfiguration of the signal processing chain and adding new devices by software/firmware update. The programmable Graphical User Interface allows the control via mouse/keyboard or touch-screen, and data display of every instrument. Several instruments can be launched simultaneously, allowing e.g. to use the RF generator while monitoring the resulting signal with the oscilloscope and the spectrum analyzer.


  • eLabin1™ replaces several mostly bulky and expensive measurement instruments used in a electronic lab. Instruments include Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Pulse and Arbitrary Wave Generator, Logic Analyzer, RF Signal Generator, LCR Meter, Noise Meter, Power Meter, RF Network Analyzer and more.
  • eLabin1™ is the ideal tool for servicing on-site thanks to the portability of the device. Even during distance or remote evaluation servicing, analysis and measurement reports and log-files can be prepared and shared on-site, or discussed via tele-conferences.
  • eLabin1™ can control and analyze electromechanical systems, sensors, ICs, etc in a lab or automatically in a production or servicing environment
  • eLabin1™ is also a E-Learning and remote learning tool, and allows various operation modes. (Interactive – Mode where student downloads and runs GUI in Android on Phone / Tablet, Hybrid – Mode, where teachers download prepared configuration to local device, and students performs analysis of signal, Programming – Mode ….)
  • eLabin1™ is “IoT ready”! The device can be operated and monitored remotely via Internet. This is especially useful if it is difficult or even dangerous for the user to be by the device under test during operation.

For further information please check the eLABin1-FAQ or contact us.