System Overview

The multipurpose “eLabin1™”  provides software-defined test, measurement and control instrumentation.“eLabin1™” connects to the Internet (via cable or wireless), is able to run applications to control devices or systems, senses signals as well as creates stimulus of wide variety. All results can be stored locally or in the cloud. “eLabin1™” is hence an affordable ‘All-in-One’ Tool and well suited for many Internet of Things (IoT) Applications such as R&D measurement and service, verification of electric and electronic systems or as control center of smart homes and factories. Among others  “eLabin1™” is sensing temperature, humidity and light and controlling the status of doors, windows or air conditioners.  “eLabin1™” can be adapted to the needs of the solution in a modular way with low volume high portability.



eLabin1-Inputs Outputs


eLabin1-Environment 2


eLabin1™ is a 15” laptop-size piece of sophisticated electronic hardware, enabled by a powerful software environment. The software and services are embedded in the hardware and complemented over the Internet, which makes eLabin1™ highly configurable and programmable to fulfill a wide variety of test, measurement and control related tasks.
eLabin1™ targets a wide range of enterprises, educational institutions as well as engineers, scientists, professors, teachers, students and hobbyists working or interested in areas like electrics and electronics, IT, communications and others.
It aims to be a ‘must-have tool’ for our target customers – as necessary as PCs, smart-phones and measurement instruments are today.


  • Extremely versatile ‘all in one’ measurement, test and control device incorporating several industry performance standards
  • Instrumentation completely configured by software; new instruments, analyzers, devices or controls simply added via firmware upgrade
  • Competitive ‘medium-class’ performance, functionality and accuracy as in dedicated stand-alone devices,  suitable for the most common real world signals (e.g. audio, video, sensors, etc.)
  • Customized hardware- and firmware-options
  • Flexible architecture: Reconfiguration of the signal processing chain,
  • Programmable Graphical User Interface (GUI): Control via mouse/keyboard or touch-screen; data display of every instrument; launch of several instruments simultaneously


  • eLabin1™ is the ideal tool for controlling and servicing on-site due to its portability, optional battery powered operation and remote evaluation of measurement & control reports via log-files
  • eLabin1™ can control and analyze electromechanical systems, sensors, ICs, etc., either in a lab environment or automatically in a production or servicing environment
  • eLabin1™ supports E-Learning and acts as remote learning tool, allowing various operation modes, e.g. “interactive” via down-loadable GUI App in Android from Phone or Tablet
  • eLabin1™ is “IoT ready”; remote operation and monitoring via Internet
  • “eLabin1™ R&D” includes instruments like Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Pulse and Arbitrary Wave Generator, Logic Analyzer, RF Signal Generator, LCR Meter, Noise Meter, Power Meter, RF Network Analyzer and more

eLabin1™ – R&D

eLabin1™ – R&D is our first commercially available product and ready for beta-testing. It is tailored for R&D Applications and includes the most useful tools  such as Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, RF-Generator and Arbitrary Wave Generator.

Visit the eLabin1™ R&D product site for details.

For further information please check the eLABin1-FAQ or contact us.