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    What are the typical applications eLABin1 can be used for?

    ✓ eLabin1™ replaces several mostly bulky and expensive measurement instruments used in a electronic lab. Instruments include Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Pulse and Arbitrary Wave Generator, Logic Analyzer, RF Signal Generator, LCR Meter, Noise Meter, Power Meter, RF Network Analyzer and more.
    ✓ eLabin1™ is the ideal tool for servicing on-site thanks to the portability of the device. Even during distance or remote evaluation servicing, analysis and measurement reports and log-files can be prepared and shared on-site, or discussed via tele-conferences.
    ✓ eLabin1™ can control and analyze electromechanical systems, sensors, ICs, etc in a lab or automatically in a production or servicing environment
    ✓ eLabin1™ is also a E-Learning and remote learning tool, and allows various operation modes. (Interactive – Mode where student downloads and runs GUI in Android on Phone / Tablet, Hybrid – Mode, where teachers download prepared configuration to local device, and students performs analysis of signal, Programming – Mode ….)
    ✓ eLabin1™ is “IoT ready”! The device can be operated and monitored remotely via Internet. This is especially useful if it is difficult or even dangerous for the user to be by the device under test during operation.
    ✓ eLABin1 uses Android 4 as an operating system, so all the millions of Android applications are available as well.

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