We provide “Measurement Environments for Everyone, Everywhere

Measurement Environments:
  • —Multipurpose tool “eLabin1™”, for R&D, service, verification of electric and electronic systems, education / training
  • —Several measurement instruments in one device
  • —Based on ANDROID, with full tablet functionality and connectivity
  • —Customer community “TIQ™”, supported by open source software/tools
For everyone:
  • —Affordable ‘value for money’ for companies, institutions and individuals
  • —Targets a wide range of scientists, engineers and technicians
  • MNEs, SMEs, institutions, students, teachers and professors, hobbyists, radio amateurs
  • —Simple to use, high ergonomics
  • —Device with ‘Fun factor’ to encourage newcomers to the EEE world
  • —Portable
  • —Compact Device occupying smallest space



  • Leveraging on our in-house IP we develop multipurpose instruments which offer superior value for money.
  • Our products are high quality, well manufacturable and provide adequate performance for our target markets
  • We use high quality commodity components and freely available tools, materials and software to keep the cost low.
  • We upgrade the value with additional instruments and protocol analyzers, and complement the hardware with training and educational packages.
  • We create a Customer community “TIQ™”, supported by open source software and tools
  • Our returns on investment are typical for the measurement industry.

Our Shared Values

  • We create value by developing IP and Instruments to provide “Measurement Environments for Everyone, Everywhere”
  • We work in an open, collaborative and tolerant environment, supporting each other to succeed
  • The base of our handling is trust, respect and honesty
  • Our ideas have no limits. We challenge the status quo by default
  • We encourage curiosity leading to new ways of thinking and doing
  • We see errors as opportunities to learn and improve
  • We preserve the natural resources of our planet earth, that host all our customers and employees
  • Our dreams are be backed by strong financial results and protected by patented IP and IT defenses