“Measurement Environments for Everyone, Everywhere” is the Vision of Coffee Electronics. Fulfilling this Vision requires a major effort in R&D covering many disciplines, while keeping special focus on the total solution cost. Coffee Electronics Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in February 2012 in Singapore and is fully owned by its Founder and CEO Dr. Claus Muschallik.

In order to make measurement environments affordable, flexible and portable, Coffee Electronics uses a design-to-cost approach, focusing on R&D and Sales while outsourcing production and distribution. Raw materials and components are carefully selected and globally sourced. As result, complete sets of innovative measurement instruments and systems can be offered at unprecedented price levels.

Coffee Electronics headquarters are in Singapore and a significant expansion is planned in mainly R&D, Sales and Marketing.

If you are interested to be part of Coffee Electronics future growth and success as an investor, kindly contact us.