“Measurement Environments for Everyone, Everywhere” is the Vision of Coffee Electronics. Fulfilling this Vision  requires a major effort in R&D covering many disciplines, while keeping special focus on the total solution cost. Coffee Electronics (Pte. Ltd.) was incorporated on the 8th of February 2012 in Singapore and is fully owned by its founder and CEO Dr. Claus Muschallik.

Knowing about the high cost of electronic measurement instruments, CE is offering a complete set of innovative measurement instruments at a price such that individuals and organizations with low resources (students and hobbyists, schools, Polytechnics, Universities, Start-ups, SMEs) can afford them.

Coffee Electronics headquarters are in Singapore and a significant expansion is planned after the business picks up. This will include R&D, Sales and Marketing as well as administration staff.

Coffee Electronics is an heavy R&D-centric start-up, and has applied an off-shoring approach used by many MNCs to optimize cost and performance. While concepts, ideas  and IP are developed at the HQ in Singapore, some of the time consuming implementation and testing is done by consultants in Columbia and average R&D-costs are significantly cheaper.

If you are interested to be part of Coffee Electronics future growth and success and are willing to be an investor please contact us.