Coffee Electronics (Pte. Ltd.) was incorporated on the 8th of February 2012 in Singapore, but the pre-work for the conception of eLabin1™ dated years before.

It all started as a hobby and opportunity to express the engineering creativity in form of simulations and test hardware. Later the conceptional idea took such form that a great opportunity to create value was recognized, the formal incorporation of the company followed.

Its managing director together with a team of main researchers, work in different areas of electronics, signal processing and software engineering (RF/analog and digital signals, multimedia processors, DSPs, FPGAs, Firmware, OS, Linux, C/C++, image processing, UIs, etc.).

The prototypes of eLabin1™ are available for display and trials. Due to the flexibility of its architecture we are still flexible to incorporate inputs from interested parties for dedicated purposes. Please contact our team if you are such a potential party.